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Pool, garden and terrace

A private swimming pool with pool hoist, set in a tropical garden, is a dream come true for a disabled person. This wheelchair accessible villa does not only have a pool, but also a jacuzzi / whirlpool. Both can be accessed with a pool hoist. The lifter has a seat that fits on a rolling chassis. People who experience difficulties when walking can use the staircase banister. Floating gear, like a swim vest and collar are available for free, to float or swim. The whirlpool has benches, which can seat up to six people. Or you can just sit in the pool on the pool hoist. Both the pool and the jacuzzi have lights for a late night swim. Pool towels are available for use at the pool or beach.

Next to the pool is the terrace with teak garden furniture consisting of two beds, a large table with six chairs, a small table with two chairs and two umbrellas. The terrace offers ample space for several people in wheelchairs. Enjoy your evenings outside with a order in or take away Thai dinner or the Thai wines from the Hua Hin Hills vineyard.

The pool and the house is surrounded by tropical vegetation. Coconut trees with orchids in different sizes colors, different species of plams, bougainvillea, fragrant jasmine, a banana tree and a papaya tree are a feast for the eyes and nose. And if the fruit is ripe the housekeeper will cut and prepare this for you. Occasionally you'll see small wild animals such as a salamander eating berries on the edge of the pool or a gecko on the ceiling of the house catching small insects.