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Medical equipment, to use for free

This wheelchair accessible apartment is adapted for wheelchair users or people with reduced mobility. Medical equipment is available as well as the adaptations in this accessible apartment. A description of these adjustments can be found on the separate pages of each room. The aids are described down here. If you wish to use one or more aids, you can indicate this on the reservation form. The use is free of charge.

Devices are suitable for people with a weight of 110kg maximum.

Hospital bed

For the care of disabled people a Hi Lo bed is integrated in the double bed. The fully electric bed is adjustable in height between 50 and 110 cm. The headrest and footrest can also be adjusted electrically.


All beds have boxspring mattress.



Shower wheelchair (Self Propelled)
For showering, toileting, our guests can make use of the shower wheelchair. This wheelchair has a comfortable padded seat and footrest to prevent pressure ulcers . It has 24" large  wheels.






Shower / toilet wheelchair
A commode with small wheels. Can be used in the roll in shower, above the toilet and in combination witht he pool hoist.








A pool hoist is the perfect solution for disabled people who like to swim. Move over from your wheelchair or with the shower wheelchair above, these are just two of possibilities for disabled people to enter the pool.





Floating gear
Swim or float around. With our floating gear you can enjoy the pool of this wheelchair accessible holiday home.







Patient lift

manuallift with 4-point sling with straps in 4 different sizes is present and can lift the disabled from wheelchair onto the bed and vice versa.






Different sizes, S, M, L, XL






Stand Assist Lift
Non-Powered stand assist lift for easy transfers from wheelchair to bed, toilet or pool lift.







Hoist, electrical

Electrical hoist to use in combination with the slings above.






Hoist, electrical






Shower bed
Shower Bed on wheels with waterproof foam pad and bed wedge. Drop side railings allowing barrier free transferring. Manual height adjustable.






Trapeze can help you to turnover in bed and sit up right.







Toilet seat raiser
Standard toilet height is 40 centimeters. With toilet seat raiser it will be 50 centimeters.








Beach wheelchair
Very comfortable seaworthy beach wheelchair. This beach chair floats on the armrests and the front wheel.







Beach wheelchair
Very comfortable seaworthy beach wheelchair. This beach chair floats on the armrests and the front wheel.







Beach wheelchair
This one is perfect for a transfer from the beach into the water.







Commode pan
The pan with lid can be used in conjunction with the shower wheelchair or in bed if necessary.





For guests there are a set of ramps available. These can be used with a wheelchair a local taxi ride or a few steps of such a tourist attraction to bridge.






Perfect aid to explore Hua Hin. Your travel partner can use our bike.

This scooter is for rent