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Bathrooms and toilets

The wheelchair accessible en suite bathroom of the master bedroom has a roll in shower with drop down shower seat and grips. The roll in shower has ample space for shower wheelchairs and commodes. With the one handle tap, the flexible shower hose with shower head and shelves within reach many disabled people are able to shower independent.

The wash basin can be approached with all kinds of wheelchairs and has a lot of space to put down neccessities. In the big fixed morrir everyone can see his mirror image.

A wheelchair user can make a right hand transfer to the toilet. Handicapped people can transfer safe with the drop down grips at both sides. And with the toilet seat raiser the height of the toilet can be raised from 40cm to 50cm.

Bath towels, towels, face cloths and bath mats are available in the cup boards opposite this bathroom. The cleaning lady will change the dirty towels and take these to the laundry.